Celebrating Queer Romance Month

Erotic Enchantments


I love this badge. Mostly because it embodies everything I want my blog to be about – because love is NOT a subgenre. The phrase I’ve been using is, “Love without limits.”

I know that means different things to different people, but I take it quite literally. There should be no limits to love. There should be no limits imposed upon who we are ALLOWED to love. I put that in caps because I find it profoundly offensive that anyone can take it upon themselves to judge or limit or apply RIGHTS to the concept of love.

I have friends and family who identify all over the spectrum, and it kills a piece of my soul that they can be denied the right to be legally married to the person – or people – they love.

That’s three paragraphs beginning with the word, “I.” My freshman Comp teacher taught me…

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